Bali House
Etendre has been described by Design Detail as a selective design studio focussed on ‘Transformation Architecture’. The team at Etendre, headed by Venkatesh Ramaswamy and Shobha Venkatesh, is committed to creating architectural solutions that are perfectly designed to suit the demands of their clients.
They’re powered by a belief that every space has a story and that architectural design helps frame this narrative to make it more than just walls. True to this idea, their much acclaimed design of The Bali House, a weekend farm home, makes its inhabitants and their guests feel like explorers, stumbling upon a communion with nature. This farmhouse of corporate honcho Kamal Bali is nestled on the city’s outskirts. It is a perfect blend of a humanly designed shelter with a natural landscape. Venkatesh and Shobha intended to invert the traditional model of design completely, making the first level of the duplex a ‘private’ space, and using the upper level as a zone for public access.
The farmhouse blends the desire for a classy lifestyle with a need for peaceful isolation. It is a home space with a contemporary and sleek façade yet warm and earthy interiors. It offers an oasis of calm away from a bustling and noisy city.
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