With the cross cultural winds from the North West Frontier, the simple but robust flavours of nomadic people as legacy of Undivided Punjab. Replacing Meat Chops with Vegetarian Textured Protein while maintaining the Texture and feel of meat protein, the flavours of Undivided Punjab with its Afghani influences and the flavourful mix of spices, is now available at a restro-Cafe Dine In and at your doorstep.
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The Image Company
Food Photography
Knowing the clients requirements
Props and styling provided as well.
Architecture photography
Site Inspection
Once the clients requirements are known, the inspection of the site is done in order to decide the angle and visualize the shots accordingly.
Product photography
Product samples are arranged and checked for once the clients requirements are known in order to understand the look and texture of the product.
Fashion Photography
Story Boarding
Story boarding is done from our end to visualize and meet the clients requirements.
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